Nothing should lead human away from the main essence of creativity.
We believe the real power of Artificial Intelligence is to let people focus on hard problems and change the world for the better.

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Based on the exhaustive knowledge base, our healthcare focused search engine provides broad coverage of the healthcare sector. It is the most comprehensive source for healthcare suppliers, start-ups and research institutes.

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Financial Services

Our data integration, intelligent analysis and TLG/NLG technology stack allow us to help investors, investment management companies and banks to build professional and insightful statements and summaries on top of different public and private data sources.

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Real Estate

Real estate agents need data to convince their clients. Our NLG engine can unlock the value of property data by automating the creation of market intelligence reports and real estate trends. Address in, automated written property report out.

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Data Integration Engine

The Entrance Gate of WestMatrix Data Engine Group

This world consists of huge amount of data and generates various types of information every second. With the development of internet and sensor technology, we get data from much more data sources than ever before. However, the growing number of data sources also increases the complexity of decision-relevant information extraction process.

Handling data with traditional ad-hoc manually processing approach, or automated data crawlers, no longer fits people's needs for well-structured data. With a large amount of unstructured data, people sometimes even face an awkward "garbage in, garbage out" situation. To make the raw data more structured and understandable, people usually have to spend a lot of time and efforts in cleaning, categorising the raw data.

In order to create a stable data warehouse with a high level of organisation from all available data sources, we built the Data Integration Engine, which is the entrance gate of our WestMatrix Engine Group. Its core functions include real-time data extraction, dynamic data cleaning and purpose-driven data integration. In other words, the Data Integration Engine leverages the data mining technologies to automate the entire data preprocessing work.

Intelligent Analysis Engine

The Foundation of Data Interpretation

Our goal is to discover useful insights, support decision-making and suggest conclusions with the available data. It usually requires a data analysis process including data inspection, transforming and modelling. It is not easy, even for professionals. From financial market to sales to the energy industry, data analysis can be both intellectually challenging and labour intensive. Because it needs not only systematically applying statistical or logical techniques to evaluate the data, but also using contexts and experiences to describe and illustrate the data. And many times it even becomes an ongoing iterative process where data is continuously collected and analysed.

To interpret the vast amount of data, our scalable and efficient Intelligent Analysis Engine applies natural language processing and data mining techniques with domain knowledge to convert disorganised data into meaningful one like knowledge graph, uncovering sophisticated relationships between entities and discover patterns within data series. Furthermore, we use deep learning and statistical methods on these data to generate quantitative models and business intelligence for professionals. It significantly reduces the human intervention on the data analysis process.

Natural Language Generation Engine

Practical Artificial Intelligence with NLG/TDLG

People already know data contains information, but aren't necessarily getting the information from it, because it is just data without interpretation. Data visualisation can help, but transforming numbers into something easier to understand is far from enough. People still can interpret the same data visualization with entirely different conclusions.

Not only the data itself matters, who is the audience and what people want to express are important as well. In other words, people need data storytelling, which just likes how human expert interpret the data. It combines data and visualizations into a narrative in order to convey opinion for a particular audience group in an analytical approach.

Our Natural Language Generation Engine is designed specifically to handle the data storytelling process. It is capable of helping people create massive variability in the narratives based on different real scenarios using data. It leverages NLG/TDLG to apply natural language on critical information dynamically and produce an indistinguishable narrative from a human-written one. It eliminates the basic manual data interpretation process, which contains time-consuming analysis and patience paying works.

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